SNA has a highly specialized team in providing legal advice, consulting and litigation, related to issues inherent to this very important sector of the Brazilian economy. Given the specificity of the area and amplitude of matters that it raises, the activities of the firm integrate all of other sectors of activities for the complete solution of issues related to such very complex chain of economic activities. The services we provide include, inter alia, the following:

  • Legal advice in corporate transactions and/or M&A involving companies and other players integrated into the agribusiness chain;
  • Legal advice to agribusiness companies willing to negotiate their securities in stock exchanges;
  • Structuring transactions bounded or formalized by agribusiness instruments such as Rural Product Certificates (Cédula de Produto Rural – CPR), Agricultural Deposit Certificates and Agricultural Warrant (Certificado de Depósito Agropecuário e Warrant Agropecuário – CDA/WA), Agribusiness Letter of Credit (Letra de Crédito do Agronegócio – LCA), Agribusiness Credit Rights Certificate (Certificado de Direitos Creditórios do Agronegócio – CDCA), among others;
  • Structuring securitization transactions and establishment of investment funds linked to agribusiness assets and credit rights, including, without limitation, issuance of Agribusiness Receivables Certificates (Certificados de Recebíveis do Agronegócio – CRA);
  • Drafting, review and negotiation of agricultural contracts, such as the various forms of rural partnerships and leases, as well as contracts and instruments pertaining to issues related to the ownership of rural property (including all issues, advisory and contentious, involving governmental agencies, local authorities, regulatory agencies and registries);
  • Legal advice in matters related to the acquisition of rural lands, including by foreigners;
  • Drafting, review and negotiation of agroindustrial contracts connected to the agribusiness chain, involving since the purchase and sale of agricultural inputs, raw materials and commodities themselves until more complex issues involving logistics, transport, insurance, storage, importation and exportation of goods; and
  • Judicial or extrajudicial collection of debts arising from agribusiness-linked contracts and negotiable instruments.

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