ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance

Environmental, social and corporate governance issues are increasingly central themes in the conduct of business, integrating companies' strategic planning, in short and long term.

Companies with the three pillars of ESG policy have a greater competitive advantage and success in their business, as they generate opportunities for innovation, have greater chances of attracting investments, meeting expectations of shareholders, regulators, stakeholders and customers.

Considering this, the office brought together a multidisciplinary team, which includes experts in legal aspects related to the environment, sustainability, climate change, carbon market, human rights, people management, corporate governance, sustainable finance, impact investments and compliance.

Our team work, within their respective expertise, covers the following activities:

  • Mapping company's operations, identifying risks and opportunities within the ESG theme;
  • Definition of objectives, measures, targets and implementation schedule for ESG policies;
  • Establishment of implementation mechanisms and internal controls to monitor compliance with ESG goals;
  • Company's communication support with shareholders, investors, suppliers, customers and the general public about ESG topics; and
  • Assistance in obtaining investments and carrying out ESG operations and businesses.

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