SNA assists its clients in negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts of different complexities, involving local and international companies and financial institutions, including inter alia: Purchase and Sale, Rental and Leasing; Collaterals (mortgages, pledges, etc.) and personal guarantees; Franchise; License; Distribution, agency and commercial representation; Provision of service; Supply, Contract, EPC, among others.

Conflict Resolution & BackOffice

SNA has a structure BackOffice department, used to support several other legal departments, and specialized in REGISTRAL and NOTARIAL issues, including: Registration of guarantees (Disposal, Mortgage, Pledge, etc.) in Real Estate Registry Offices and Titles and Documents throughout the country; Legal analysis of required documents for the constitution of real guarantees; Systematic analysis of the […]

Capital Markets

SNA advises market participants in domestic and cross-border issues in several matters involving capital markets and securities laws, including: Structuring and registry of public offers; Registry of securities issuers; Structuring and incorporation of investment funds; Incorporation and registry of market participants (brokers, dealers, asset management firms, investment agents firms, among others) before regulation and self-regulation […]

Banking and Finance

SNA advises both lenders and borrowers, in domestic and cross-border transactions, in several matters involving banking and finance law, including: Structuring of debt financing transactions; Negotiation and drafting of financing documents and other banking instruments, including secured and unsecured credit agreements in bilateral and syndicated transactions, senior, subordinated and mezzanine financing agreements, documentary credit documents, […]


SNA assists its clients with the authorities of the Brazilian Antitrust and Competition Defense System in relation to transactions involving the acquisition or corporate restructuring, as well as in other commercial or corporate agreements. SNA works in administrative and judicial proceedings with authorities, including the negotiation of cessation agreements and leniency agreements; prepares studies and […]


SNA has a highly specialized team in providing legal advice, consulting and litigation, related to issues inherent to this very important sector of the Brazilian economy. Given the specificity of the area and amplitude of matters that it raises, the activities of the firm integrate all of other sectors of activities for the complete solution […]